sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Take An 'Important ' 'Charge' within Your Life and Make a Change

I hear many people - me included, of course - arguing and complaining about what Is happening in the world right now. The Violence here in Mexico for example is increasing and increasing and many people are dying.
And I hear people feeling fearful and angry about this situation and saying that the Mexican government is not doing anything, and just washing their hands and sharing ridiculous reforms and words but they don´t solve anything.

Many of us dare to say that if we were in those political charges we would do something different and rearrange the current situation, and others do this 'activism movements' like marching in the streets to demand justice. 
And then others saying, well I am not in those political charges, I am a normal person, working to feed my family I can´t do more - So we allow to sit back and accept all this inequalities, violence, lies, dishonesties within ourselves.

You Know what? YOU CAN HAVE AN IMPORTANT CHARGE WITHIN YOUR LIFE AND MAKE A CHANGE - you don´t  need to achieve to those political places or wait until you end your law career - as an example - to DO something and to SOLVE this situations, because you know what? We are Equally Responsible.

YOU ARE INTERESTED? keep reading.

You can STAND within RESPONSABILITY and COMMITMENT with yourself and others and walk equal to this people that are in those political charges. We tend to perceive them as more than us and the ones that HAVE to help us to have a better place, country, world....But this is not True, we are all Responsible, 'cause we are living HERE.

I am in a group of People that are Standing as SELF-RESPONSABILITY, SELF-HONESTY, SELF-COMMITMENT and we are taking this 'important charges within our lives = being the DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLE  and walking as Equals and making a solution within ourselves and if you are good in math, establishing a solution HERE, and not remaining in justifications as 'I am just like this' I am only Human' 'I am only a citizen? = I can´t do Anything.

You can!!! And in the meantime YOu can EARN MONEY!! yes, you stand as Equal, you assist yourself and others as yourself, you are HERE a VOTE for an Equal System, and EQUAL MONETARY SYSTEM sharing with others solutions and make them real to establish a BETTER WORLD and You GEt an EQUAL income to have a dignified life - and you assist others to have it.

See!! You can ALSO be and Stand In an 'Important'Charge as LIFE CUSTODIAN, AS DESTONIAN, and assist others as yourself, face the inequalities you are accepting and stopping that within yourself.

Because you know - all the Violence and shit we are observing outside we are creating it within ourselves and within our families ...SEE we are Responsible!!! 

Joins Us and Stand - Assist yourself and also your reality EARNING MONEY - HAVING AN INCOME.
you are 'creating' MOney within THIS a TOOL to GIVE life to OTHERS and CREATING within this Plan a better Monetary SYSTEM that will GIVE Life to Everyone

Walk this Road wiTh ME!!
Let´s Care for the Word WE LIVE In - Let´s Establish a Better World 

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