viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Do you BeLIEve Faith is the Solution? Investigate!

Within these days - here in Mexico - I have been watching in the news some situations that are very surprising and shows how we are programmed to live without considering anyone and anything.

The Mexican television has made the theme of Angels, Saints and Gods very famous. We have 2 Mexican series that talks about the faith related to saints and the Virgin Mary. 
Programming and supporting the programming in Human Beings. Firslty we know is for Money and then to control the masses to control us to limit ourselves from standing and observing life as what it is! We are Alone creating all the abuse that is happening here! and not beings that are only energetically alive because we believe they are true.

Based on the daily-life situations where People faith shows what you can do to abuse and harm yourself and others.
These T.V series - yes - shows all the abuses; perceptions, ideas, behaviours human race has within all their situations with themselves and with other people; all the Problems we have within Society and they give the Message that the Faith is the Solution to all our problems within the World.

Within this last period of the year 2 youngsters has seen the T.V series and have found a real solution to their problems...

Due to watching one of the chapters where showed  that a Family  turned more connected and united after one of the children in the family suicide himself and then with the 'help' of the Virgin Mary this kid I mention survived to dead, so they took the decision of doing the same to wait for the Virgin Marie to save them from the death.
Of course in the Reality no-on is going to save you from your own decisions even a character that only exists within your Mind. 

Media is again supporting abuse and lack of Common Sense and no-one observes the consecuences of all the things we believe.

So... Do you think faith is the Solution? or the Solution is to Stand as Life in the Physical/ in the reality and correct all the abuses we are creating.

Our created mind-characters, beliefs and ideas are not here in the physical to abuse and harm others..we Are
We Are Real and we have the Responsability to Stand and Stop all those Beliefs and observe what we are Accepting and Allowing as Ourselves!

Stop!! Let´s Stand and Let´s Change this Reality

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

No-'body' Else But Us is Here in the World Creating this.....

No-'body' Else But Us is Here in the World Creating this.....

Nobody Else but us is Living in this Planet named Earth creating and walking and talking and establishing all the abuse and the polarities we are participating on.

People still Believing that God is going to come in a certain date to correct all the danger and sadness people is living and that he is 'there' observing everything and everyone and deciding what to do - whatever that means - even if he does not act in the moment, God knows  when and how.....

In Common Sense; and this is something everyone can prove - if you don´t have the ability to do it is because you are still participating and accepting Mind altern realities within you.

Continuing---is something so clear as a Mathematical Equation.

I don´t see anyone but Human Beings - and I see this with my physical eyes - doing all the things we do - as dishonesties, as beating your wife after many years of marriage or before whatever you want...
If you are agains Animal abuse and Human abuse no one but you is participating in that and is not Responsability of Something in your mind to correct it but create it, we are accepting that.

People near me says that 'God works in Misterious ways' - this words is a phrase that we have accepted and allowed to justificate the nonexistence of this 'God' that we have created within our minds.
That´s why we create also that phrases, because we are so lost - and that is made by Us; here, by no-one else.

So, Everything that is Here within ourselves and withing reality is Accepted and allowed by Human Beings - us, we, me - and is not because God Created it - we are still creating it because we think is something he did because she know what to do and we - as something no greater as him - cannot change!!!

We can Change it; because We are Doing it! We are making it, We are Creating it in the Physical.

If you are writing something on a piece of paper - is you that is writing, is not God making it -- is you and You are alone in that task--and is Your Responsability to write something that Assist Life or something that can Destroy Life...You are the one 'Acting in Misterious Ways'....

Let´s Stop these Insanity and let´s take Responsability for OUR Creation and Let´s do Something to Assist Life and let´s forget about ' ghosts', about Phenomena just occurring in your Mind and not Here in the Physical.

I ask You

You´ll continue 'playing' in your Mind and Designing 'Identities' that are Not doing Anything or you are going to Stand as Someone Real to Start Creating and Establishing....LIFE and WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL!!!

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

The Violence is increasing in my city

The Violence is increasing in my city. This 'problem' is expanding and expanding - now my city is the list of the places, within México that the insecurity is reigning.

I was watching at the local news yesterday and many shootings took place in the weekend. Also a friend was witness of a shooting near her house and she was very shocked.

Another new was an accident that a person had in a bullring  - he was attacked and he is in the hospital..they reported that incident and also the way the bulls react upon those situations....

ok, taking the first issue.

These situations - the shootings and battles between the Organized Crime and the Police Department - is something that can be stopped
The starting point of this is the Monetary System - everyone is trying to survive and they will do whatever it takes to have more Money, Power and Control.
The Police, the Politicians, The Presidents and the Crime Gangs have an interest within these and they are not going to stop - this interest is not the Security and the Wealth of the People, but of the Matrix/ The System

How these will change within and Equal Money System?

The Monetary System is not going to be a system that is settled to manipulate, harm and separate people. Is going to be one that is here to support life and everyone else.

So, as In Desteni we explain - the Starting Point is not going to be the 'survival' within this World and we are not going to have the choice to think in these possibilities.

So, no more 'gangs' --- for example the 'Good ones and the bad guys' that is protecting and harming others that are in their way, because the only way of life is going to be: Living here, Considering others as ourselves, working in solutions that are the best for everyone. 
Also the production of arms and destruction tools are going to disappear - there´s no one to be afraid of and nothing to protect.

There´s a lot of measures that we have to consider to establish a better world. Organizations that will be in charge, that are going to consider everyone in the same equation and not only their interests.

For example - the Army or the Police can be a group of people that will be there to protect - not from other people, but to Assist if something happens, for example an earthquake or a fire. etc. People that are trained to assist in the way. But not as it happens now - killing is killing and violence is violence - it doesn´t matter if is 'negative' or 'postive' --Is the same and this is not going to exist anymore.

There are many ways to work and in Desteni Equal Money are a lot of documents that is shared and discussed to join and work for this.

The Second report was about this Bull attack - these is also going to be something not existent in this world.
Because is not something that is considered as a way to improve. 
These 'Cultural Activity' is not an sport and people consider this as a Responsability of the Animal and not of the Human that is capturing the animal to abuse it in that way.

The Reporters did an interview to a person that is in charge of the Sport and Cultural department here in my Country - talking about this accident as something that can happen and taking the Animal abuse within these circumstances as something normal - not considering that the animal reacts like this because he see his life threatened and abused.

Why we don´t see that the Animals reacts according to what we are doing with them? Is not the problem within the Animal but is something that has to change within the Human Being.

Are we going to Accept Animal Abuse as something Normal and as Culture?

You want to Remain as that? or you want a better Place? For everyone.
Consider your Principles and Life-values because within that you show what you care and do about this!!

martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Babies Abandoned on the Streets in my Country

I was watching at my local news and the cases of babies abandoned on the street has been increasing - 2 cases were announced in today´s program!!

Is alarming that we are accepting this situation for a 'new life' that is coming to the Earth. The First Breaths of these beings are of abuse and abandonment!

I was observing at the animals - the animal kingdom and the nature - they consider the life they are bringing to this life and they don´t abandon them like we do - because of Money, fears and many other reasons that are only supporting the system and the mind.

Yes, the Money is a big issue, because due to this 'paper' we allow this things to happen, because we are surviving and we have to 'thing' in ourselves first....Consider having a system that is Equal for everyone - Money without struggles and without having to gaining it? Why? Money can be, have to be a Tool to assist life and not making competitions and raising humans within the System able to produce it and if not - ¡Bye! You are kicked!! No this can´t happen anymore

Let´s Change it??? C´com...let´s Stand

Many people can say that are many cases of raped women and that they don´t know many times how to do that - but we are all Responsible for that situation since the raper and the abuser is accepted and allowed within ourselves.

In an Equal Life these cases are not going to exist anymore - because we all are going to be re-educated to have Self-Responsability, and growing in common sense to make what is best for everyone in this Planet, In this Life.

Within the Solution of An Equal Money System many babies and families are going to  have the Support and Assistance to plan a Family and to again, support them taking in consideration the Physical Reality and not the Mind Consciousness Systems integrated within us.
And like I said above not having to do anything to gain Money, just by Being here, alive you have the Right to have the Assistance and all the tools to have a dignified life


lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Burst your Bubbles

Many abuses have been emerging and emerging---here in México without going so far - not diminishing other places, but reporting what is happening in my country.
Many people dying - the news are infested with the situation that happened in a Casino in Mexico City; where people arrived and entered to the place and burned all the location- many  people killed. Another two incidents where dogs were killed by the police because they are defending the justification that 'street dogs and cats' doesn´t matter.

The President - as us, as a reflection of what we are accepting and allowing - is just settling 3 days of mourning and that´s all --as Always!...

As we all do in our daily basis - the same exact thing - we don´t care as these situations are not happening to us, and when that happen we want justice and we want others to take responsability. When since the beginning we have to Stand and be Honest with ourselves and others and considering everything in the reality.

Every second within the world we are accepting the cruelest scenarios for all Life and What we are Doing? --- I am here, secure within a house, warm, with food and water and I am thankful for that, but I am not brainwashing myself to forget all that. I am standing - at Desteni we are standing, we are exposing everything, we are sharing and moving the rug under our feet to observe and put ourselves in the shoes of others and fight for all Life - for having them and having everyone a dignified life.

What we are accepting?  Death for everyone every second? yes, we are doing that, because we haven´t done other thing than abusing and murdering others.

I watch in the news all the reflections of myself and others - if that happens there I am accepting it here in myself - so that´s Why I am Responsible and I have to stop and do something to end with this abuse within this world.
Why we don´t do something and change this? Why we don´t do it - Is more Simple than complicating Everything as we are doing it.

Let´s Stop BE LIEving that someone is going to correct what we are doing and let´s do it by Ourselves NOW!

Join Desteni and Burst Your Bubbles

sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

Mind Altering Substances

Substances that we have allowed within this Society as normal - such as Alcohol - and Drugs that we have been using as a way to hide and abdicate Self-Responsability hasn´t been investigated fondly to be changed as a tool to assist others.
In several cultures use herbs such as Marijuana for example as a Medical Remedy so, using it as a way to assist the body.

Within an Equal Money system we can and Should Investigate how we can change this substances as a form to assist Humanity and not to abuse it, doing several researches to find cures, assistance, insight etc.

If not that will not be considered as something in existence that can be used to feed Human interests, abuse, desire for Money ...etc.
So, this will be legal and will be researched and Humans will be Educated to use that substance in a Responsible way!

Investigate More and Observe that Everything that is here on earth is our Responsability - for us to use it as a way to support Life Only! - Observing and taking in Consideration everything for that Matter and not for abusing and Controlling Life.

martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Youtube Measures - Limiting Free Speech

I noticed that the Channels of Desteni Productions, DesteniProdDemons, Bernard Poolman, Desteni Money were removed from Youtube due to infringments on their codes and rules due to the 'flagging' of the People who are reacting to the Message, and that are Promoting hate.

We observe here as Always that Deception, and Hate are the ones that Rules within the system. People are very programmed and used to 'live' this way - walking in the darkness, in the Middle Roads and not wanting to Stand for Anything to Make a Change.

Is a proof that the people that wants to swim against the System are the ones that Fucked and the ones that supports the System are the ones in the top, feeding the same abuse and Hate....Capitalism!

Why we Are Accepting these??? Why??? Are we so Blind to See that what we are Living is Not real and is Not Establishing Life with Dignity and Truth??

Why we React upon words as Self-Honesty, Equality, Oneness, standing Up for Life and not Accepting Anything Less than who we Are and Making Something to Accept and Allow things that can Assist us in many ways....??

Why we see as 'Normal' people that are demonstrating Hate and Separation? 

Why we Live with that and we Pretend is Ok?

How many lives will be wasted to see that we are Killing Ourselves??

Let´s Stand, because we Are accepting Hate and Abuse to be here, Instead of Principles as Life, Respect and seeing eachothers as Equals...!!

Join Desteni