lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Burst your Bubbles

Many abuses have been emerging and emerging---here in México without going so far - not diminishing other places, but reporting what is happening in my country.
Many people dying - the news are infested with the situation that happened in a Casino in Mexico City; where people arrived and entered to the place and burned all the location- many  people killed. Another two incidents where dogs were killed by the police because they are defending the justification that 'street dogs and cats' doesn´t matter.

The President - as us, as a reflection of what we are accepting and allowing - is just settling 3 days of mourning and that´s all --as Always!...

As we all do in our daily basis - the same exact thing - we don´t care as these situations are not happening to us, and when that happen we want justice and we want others to take responsability. When since the beginning we have to Stand and be Honest with ourselves and others and considering everything in the reality.

Every second within the world we are accepting the cruelest scenarios for all Life and What we are Doing? --- I am here, secure within a house, warm, with food and water and I am thankful for that, but I am not brainwashing myself to forget all that. I am standing - at Desteni we are standing, we are exposing everything, we are sharing and moving the rug under our feet to observe and put ourselves in the shoes of others and fight for all Life - for having them and having everyone a dignified life.

What we are accepting?  Death for everyone every second? yes, we are doing that, because we haven´t done other thing than abusing and murdering others.

I watch in the news all the reflections of myself and others - if that happens there I am accepting it here in myself - so that´s Why I am Responsible and I have to stop and do something to end with this abuse within this world.
Why we don´t do something and change this? Why we don´t do it - Is more Simple than complicating Everything as we are doing it.

Let´s Stop BE LIEving that someone is going to correct what we are doing and let´s do it by Ourselves NOW!

Join Desteni and Burst Your Bubbles

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