sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

Mind Altering Substances

Substances that we have allowed within this Society as normal - such as Alcohol - and Drugs that we have been using as a way to hide and abdicate Self-Responsability hasn´t been investigated fondly to be changed as a tool to assist others.
In several cultures use herbs such as Marijuana for example as a Medical Remedy so, using it as a way to assist the body.

Within an Equal Money system we can and Should Investigate how we can change this substances as a form to assist Humanity and not to abuse it, doing several researches to find cures, assistance, insight etc.

If not that will not be considered as something in existence that can be used to feed Human interests, abuse, desire for Money ...etc.
So, this will be legal and will be researched and Humans will be Educated to use that substance in a Responsible way!

Investigate More and Observe that Everything that is here on earth is our Responsability - for us to use it as a way to support Life Only! - Observing and taking in Consideration everything for that Matter and not for abusing and Controlling Life.

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