martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Youtube Measures - Limiting Free Speech

I noticed that the Channels of Desteni Productions, DesteniProdDemons, Bernard Poolman, Desteni Money were removed from Youtube due to infringments on their codes and rules due to the 'flagging' of the People who are reacting to the Message, and that are Promoting hate.

We observe here as Always that Deception, and Hate are the ones that Rules within the system. People are very programmed and used to 'live' this way - walking in the darkness, in the Middle Roads and not wanting to Stand for Anything to Make a Change.

Is a proof that the people that wants to swim against the System are the ones that Fucked and the ones that supports the System are the ones in the top, feeding the same abuse and Hate....Capitalism!

Why we Are Accepting these??? Why??? Are we so Blind to See that what we are Living is Not real and is Not Establishing Life with Dignity and Truth??

Why we React upon words as Self-Honesty, Equality, Oneness, standing Up for Life and not Accepting Anything Less than who we Are and Making Something to Accept and Allow things that can Assist us in many ways....??

Why we see as 'Normal' people that are demonstrating Hate and Separation? 

Why we Live with that and we Pretend is Ok?

How many lives will be wasted to see that we are Killing Ourselves??

Let´s Stand, because we Are accepting Hate and Abuse to be here, Instead of Principles as Life, Respect and seeing eachothers as Equals...!!

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