jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Mexico´s President Apologized

The news report today - the one that is circulating through the news is that the President of Mexico - Felipe Calderón - due to the demands on the insecurity and related also to many deaths that have been occurring here in México.

Today was the dialogue between Javier Sicilia - the leader of this movement - for the victims of the insecurity. 

Some of the words that Javier Sicilia directed to the President were:

 " I am sorry Mr President to be here .... if the politicians do their jobs, this would not happen"  

He indicated that also that nobody born being a criminal - they are also victims. The State has fractured their  lifes by the lack of opportunities and all the people demanded that the President has to apologize to all of us and to all the victims.

In Mexico the people that are being killed are increasing - 140, 000 people killed - and the measures that we are taking are not placed to consider all the people is only considering the power, Money.

The President didn´t faced and didn´t was Self-Honest with the responses he said to Javier Sicilia and the member of this group that were demanding him to change the way they are acting against the Organized Crime.

He said, that yes, he will apologize for the victims but not for the way he is acting against this groups, he don´t regrets the way he send the Federal Forces to defend the people and he is not responsible for the ones that were corrupted,  he apologized  because he considered he  didn´t acted in time.

Of course, the President are not considering and observing the problem that  is happening out there, and is not taking action to resolve this abuse, this crimes doing what is Best For all.

I was surprised to hear that people in this group said that the criminals was also victims of what we are accepting and allowing - of course they are demanding the president to take actions, but we as citizens we also have to Stand and stop this abuse within ourselves and do more research - considering how to stop this considering everyone as equals - to observe that Money is the creation we are accepting to Separate Life within us, to abuse, to Kill etc.

With Violence we are not going to resolve anything and this is showing out there and the consequences are showing that - we have to suggest something that will Bring unity and Equality to Everyone and that is having a dignified life with all the resources at hand. 

The Planet is providing all the resources for free Why Human Beings can´t? because of profit, easy and simple! If we stop in ourselves the greed and the desire for power and money we can Give everyone everything to Live in this world as equals.

Investigate Desteni and read what we are walking and establishing - an Equal Money System that is giving everyone the same amount of Money and the same opportunities - the basic income covered without limits and requirements.



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