martes, 21 de junio de 2011

The worse drought in México -- it hasn´t rained in 2 years....

In Sonora, México are experiencing the worse drought since 1940. It hasn´t rained in 2 years and the Frost Season leave many people and animals injured. Now, the high temperatures reaches the 50° and people still working under this temperatures and the animals are dying.  The farmers feed their cattle with aprox. $20 dollars and this  is to feed only 2 or 3 cows a day. Many of the cows that are giving birth has to be separated from their baby-cows because they can get dehydrated and both can die, others are left without a mother, others are small because they not have the sufficient nutriments and 13 000 cows have died.

They are waiting for the rains in July, but if not they are going to loose the 80% of the cows. 

The farmers don´t receive support. In March of this current year they waited for Cow food and they received the help until now and the help is limited because the farmers have only 2 bags of food for their Animals 
but it´s not enough.
The Government now is busy with Elections and also they promised help to them and these people are not heard.

We are allowing and accepting these situation indirectly and directly -- we are not moving and not standing, and also we are distracted with other stuff instead of taking action to resolve and demand a solution. Not to mention the people that are in charge of taking care of how to assist and Support the people, we as society, as individuals, as a group of people that is living here - we are feeding ourselves due to them, the farmers and the animals that are giving this support to human beings - and we are distracted only in how we can do to buy that new pair of tennis, or to have the last cellular phone, but we are not turning our heads to see what is Important.

Human beings are Responsible of the Climatic changes - the nature has nothing to do with this, is  not a proof of God - is the consequence of what we have allowed to happen, what we have accepted to be as Mind Consciousness Systems - a machine that is not taking care of life, but only to a system that is taking care of itself.

The Consequences are Here, but it´s not to late, we can work together, we can Stand, we can Change this situations.

In Desteni we are giving Solutions to Stop all this, since physical actions, not as 'Spiritual or Energy realms'. We are a group of People working together as equals to change since ourselves the points that are abusing life.

If we can, You can --Join us! 

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