martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Man Steals A Dollar to Receive Medical Assistance

A Man steals a Dollar in a Bank to be send to the Jail and so, receive Medical Attention he can´t afford -  an attention that is not Given by the U.S.A Government. He arrives to the bank, and presents a note to the cashier and asks for 1 Dollar -he says that he will stay there until the Police comes to arrest him. The Police comes to arrest him and took him to jail, where he receives Medical attention

Richard James, Verone - 56 years says - "I am a person who is guided by logic and this was my logic. If this is considered manipulation, due to a need, since I need medical assistance, I guess I'm manipulating the courts to obtain medical care, "said Verone who now waits to go to court on June 28 and could face a fine two thousand dollars....

See the Note here: ( is in Spanish )
This sounds very weird, but is what we are accepting and allowing to happen in our society and within our life - stealing our Money to the Government because they are not taking care and considering our needs. This is not a Crime -- this is taken as Self-Honesty - is Honesty within ourselves acting to get an assistance, just as the people that are on the streets,  who are stealing to eat.

Many people can say - why the man does not work to get Assistance, as the we all do? People that are on the streets are responsible for that, not me! They have to work, they are lazy and that´s why they are on the streets.....
Here in México are people still thinking in that, that is not a point to  be considered by all as a Society. We have accepted the way the systems function to survive in this system and we all are struggling to get a job, and this assistance is not provided - is a struggle nowadays to find a job and this is Responsability of All, and the ones that are named by us to provide that service are not taking care of this point.

Taking something as this man is not a crime. As I said the Money that moves within the Government is ours and is our right to be assisted with that resource. And is also a Right to have that resourced distributed equally to everyone and not taking in consideration this measures.

Life Rights are obligatory for everyone to have a dignified Life and not be seen as criminals just by looking for an assistance. 
This measures are the only ones there, because we All are Accepting these, we are all Creating this Abuse for others.

We can all Stop this Abuse and We all can Give to everyone the assistance they need, without the necessity to Pay for it, because Medical Care in this case is something that has to be free for Everyone! - Life HAS not A Price.

Besides, this man is going to pay a penalty   for something that our Institutions have to Give Unconditionally!!! 

Vote For an Equal Money System and Let´s Give Everyone a Dignified Life and Let´s Stop the System the way it is - we are creating a System that is only Considering itself, based on self-interest, and we are not Considering Life as equals and these is Unacceptable!!

Stop!! - I am one Vote !! Join us!!

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