domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Lunar Eclipse - Red Moon

Today I was watching this program in México that shows 'paranormal' activity within houses, cemeteries, and also shares information about the 2012.

I was interested in a notice about the Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 2011 - the moon turned into a red color and they linked this characteristic to a passage in the Bible - within the Apocalypse chapter - that marks the beginning of the End of the World in the 2012.
They reported many Religious groups are informing people about this 'signal' and another point of view also is registered - that the Eclipse brings 'new Energy' to People; energy that one can use to charge us with positive one and change in the personal areas we would need.

The Common ground in all these is that in every Eclipse - I hear people talking about that since I 'arrived to this planet' ( LOL ) is that everyone prepares for charging their bodies with Energy. Here in Mexico people use to go to the Pyramids to do Ceremonies and Rituals - all of them to pull Energy of Nature to prepare situations, heal themselves etc.

All these Believes and Customs are not making a 'Difference' in a Global Scale - we are seeing the same abuse, violence, assassination, inequalities, etc - and everything we believe based on ideas and perceptions in the mind is not assisting Life in any way - only filling the 'Fantasy land' that is located in our unconscious mind.
Added to this is that we only take in consideration our personal dreams and desires, but we are not considering things in a big scale.

The Moon, as the Sun and others expressions of Life - are that Expressions - and are not based on Energy. These manifestations are Life and Humans are charging and tagging nature with 'para-normal' characteristics and definitions - everything is Here in the Physical and everything, every expression of Life is Simple.

These believes and Ideas are only Separating from the 'Important' things we have to do to establish a better world for Everyone - while we believe and feel that a ghost is seen or the moon has turned red or black, or grey or white, people, animals and nature is being abused --IN THE PHYSICAL -- those manifestations are not imaginary, those things are not happening in my mind as a belief!.

Another point is that perhaps the moon is showing how we have painted the Life with Blood and we don´t need to wait for 2012 to see the consequences - The consequences are happening everyday within ourselves and out of ourselves.

And you know what we can Stop this believes and Ideas that are not making a real change - maybe personal change, and based in perceptions cause those 'Energies' are not real and you can be Self-Honest and prove that for yourself!!.

When I tell you, you can Show to yourself - Being Self-Honest to see and hear with the Physical and not with your mind the real facts that life is trying to tell us - you´ll discover a world that Is Here, near you, which you can touch and taste - and is not based only in ethereal feelings and emotions. 

Discover yourself!!!

You can read the Process of Bringing Life to Ourselves 

art by: Damian Ledesma

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