miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

'Villa Fantasía Zoo' --- A Jail for Animals.

This video is from a 'Zoo' that is Near my home - Zapopan, jalisco México - and has a lot of Wild Animals -as you can see in the images, there are Lions, Bears, Monkeys, Xoloescuincles - that are native breed of México, it has no hair and it says that the Mayans had these dogs in that era., they have also ostriches, and other animals as you can watch in the video.

Initially the dogs I mentioned - the Xolos -  need a good skin care and in this place they have not the medical and installation care for any Animals. They have also 2 bears that are in a little cage with the Sun directly to them....

This Zoo is for Public Use and you it receives assistance from the Municipality and also they ask for help - they charge the entrance - they have received demands to close this Place due to the bad assistance the Animals receive, but people as neighbors and political members are stopping this act.

I went the other day - as I said they charge less than 1 dollar and you can have access to the Park - where are a playground for kids and the Zoo is in the back of the Park. Was very sad for me to see Wild Animals in cages - they are not very small - but they are in a bad situation; they are dirty and I can assure they are ill.
I saw a Lion there on its cage, it had a vague sight and it was just walking and walking from one side of the cage to another - it was very horrible. I saw more animals as that just 'there' in their 'reality' assuming it and that´s all - they can´t do more.

Within several months many exotic Animals have been found on the streets of my country - people that buys animals as cocodriles and snakes to have them as pets - and many of them are taken to that Zoo. 
There is the SEMARNAP here in México that is an institution that is in charge to control the illegal selling and the illegal property of these animals, but of course, they have fails and they don´t manage the problem in a big scale.

We have - everyone - accepted this situation, not only for Animals but for all life on Earth - humans included of course- and in front of these scenarios we are not doing anything to solve it.

Families, people, children going to these places and paying to see Animals in cages - accepting and paying the Slavery and the Abuse  - educating our children to see that situation as something 'normal' and  as an 'entertainment', instead of showing them the ways our System functions and preparing them to Stand and to Something about it - change within ourselves the way we treat animals and ourselves.

We are unconsciously programmed to see Animals as a Product - as food as also as an Sport/ entertainment - and Money/Profit is involved in this. We use Life to build  a System that is considering ourselves as Individuals but not as equals - as a group of People that is Here in the 'same boat'; Here in the Same Planet.

Do you Care? Do you care teaching to Your Children to Abuse Life? or you are Going to Stand and Make this World a Better Place for Everyone and Stand in every Breath of Life to establish a better System for them?

We can Do it!!  ---- We are Doing this In Desteni!! --- Everyone can Do it!! --- join and stop this Abuse for once and for All!!

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