domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

The Bible - ¿Holy Book?

The Bible...What is the Bible ? Is a Compilation of Sacred Books named also 'Sacred Writtings' which tells and contains the 'Living Word' of 'God' and also the Salvation History ( how God saves us). It tells us how to serve him, love him and know him. And it is divided in two books - the Old and the New Testament.

These book is related to the Catholic Religion but there are more Sacred Books relating the life of Different Gods depending on the Religion we are born into - The Analects, Bhagavad Gita, The Qur´an, Talmud, Veda, Tao-te-ching (The Way and Its Power),Upanishads...
But in fact is the Same 'God' but in different Representations.
These Books are a Guide for People to Follow and Walk the Same Paths the Holly Characters Walked to B Know them, to Serve them and to Love them. We can mention we can 'try' to be the 'Same' but Not 'Equals' because We are Only Humans...

So, the Bible and these Sacred Books are a Compilation in fact of many Ideas and Perceptions of How the People who wrote it Interpreted but they have been Manipulated through time to fit in the Rules and Regulations of those that have been maintaining these doctrines...Not to assist people, but to oppress and establish  Fear in the Minds of the  People etc. to assure no one can Question and say anything to Debunk the Information - so Is a way to Control and have the Polarity of those who have Power and the ones who don´t.

We have Considered this Books as 'Holy' and as A guide to Transform Ourselves into the 'Idea' in that Books of a 'Good' Person - one that Is Going to be Seen as God as someone Special and Someone that can Be as an Example also for others. 
And we have adopted these and Many doctrines - the one that best suits us, and also not for election but as a rule to Walk and Survive in a Society....

But, Have we Ever Read those Books So Carefully in order to Observe the truth behind them? - Considering that the Bible ( and other Sacred Books )  that have been MANIPULATED through time by many people that was only considering Themselves, to have Power and Greed and also the 'Survival of those Doctrines'.

Having So Many Religions and Doctrines and Holy Scriptures, in fact have been a 'good' Influence for Us as Life - if we are guided to adore someone that is showing us how to be an Special Race above Animals and All Nature...
Is a Book that tells us how to be 'Good' in front of  the Eyes of God - or better said ' A 'Good' Product in the Eyes of the System/ for the I of Consciousness - For the Mind. To be a better person for 'One Being' - the One that is On the Sky - and Imagination --- 

Anyone - any 'Saint' People has Eradicated Povery and fact The Vatican has Money to Stop for Several Years the Suffering for Many People and to Stop with Many abuse. But is not 'Good' for Them cause they Prefer to have People in FEAR that People LIVING and Enjoying and having HEAVEN ON EARTH.

So, the Solution is to Consider Everything Around Us, Investigate and Stop Accepting Bullshit. And then, Standin, breath by Breath to have one Only Principle - Doing What is Best for All - and For that we don´t need a Bible, we don´t need Sacred Books and Words.
We can LIVE without Someone to Tells Us how to be - we Can BE always a Solution in Every Breath to Stop Abuse and we can be An Assistance for Everyone in this World Always, Living as Equals. Everyone being a 'GOD' for everyone - A God that Considers Life and Not an Institution or a Group - stopping Life Privatization.

Investigate, we can Do a lot!!! -- Open your Eyes, the eyes of the Physical and See! and Stand From Reading Books, Act and Walk for Life---Stand for Life.

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