jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

My Anti-Hate Response to: Question to desteni followers about self-forgiveness

People, we,  - and this is not exlcusive within Desteni Material - spread words as 'negative' and 'positive in relation to all the information, people, - I mean, Everything. We are pre-programed and designed to prove our egos deliberately. Show everyone that our 'word' is the true. We go and walk against others, and also against ourselves wanting to be better, to show we are better than others, bringing words around to hurt and to destroy everyone and everything.
And if you are Self-Honest you can observe within yourself that this is true and real, we are fearless to lose ourselves and they way we have created our world. But, we don´t realize they way we are creating and establishing the world for us and for everyone, we are just playing around, believing we are God and abusing others in many ways.

Desteni Haters - as others Haters of life; haters of people, of ideas, of animals etc - shows for what they Stand for. They Stand for Inequality and abuse - just wanting to prove they are more, they know how, they have to - making people change their minds they way they have their Minds = closed!!

People has stumbled upon Desteni, reacting before hearing and observing the 'Message'. They just follow they way they want to think and say and they are in fact no Humble to stop and Investigate before talking.
We can see many registered cases of people that don´t like something and they make a great campaign to discredit something - doesn´t matter if it´s 'true' or 'not', they just want to fight and hate! DEMONStrating they way they are = a being that is against Everything also against themselves. 
We say over and over again that everything out there is your reflection, you reflect in others - AND YOU SEE YOURSELF.

These people shows and demonstrate their Principles and also 'education' yes - they don´t Investigate and debunk based on Common sense information and facts, they  just claim what they say is true because THEY SAY SO!!!.

And as I said is not exclusive of Desteni Material - is about everything. This beings are just designed to do this - only this!! - and I can assure that in their daily basis they are as that always, every minute of everyday with everything. I can say that because I have also seen myself in that situation, bu I have stopped and turned myself  into investigating and calming myself down and observing that I am following the same script - making fuss and saying and saying - but which is my contribution? 

Am I  part of the problem or Part of the Solution?!!  - these is very, very different!!

Why we don´t Stop and unite and with all the People in the World as Equals, Take Action!!  This is different that 'saying you´re going to' - taking Action is Moving Yourself and looking for the tools to Make it.

In Desteni we are not TALKING, we are DOING and showing the very Nature of Human beings and we are  showing we can change. We are an Example  - and also many information and assistance as in the Books of Louis hay say so ... Jesus say So, These is no New - Desteni is saying: Don´t read Only, apply the Information, live it and Do it, Walk It, Touch it!!....

What´s the Problem with that ? well, the self-interest, the ego, not wanting to DO something to change others, yourself, and the World and Make it a Better Place for Everyone!!

Do your Research, Instead of following others ideas, feelings, emotions!! These are not real! are just presumptions and perceptions. If you Live it, walk it, touch it, hear it, Eat it, you can see what is Real and What is not!

An example can be: I have lived this. I have known many people in my world as all of you and also I have heard people telling me " don´t talk to that guy, she/he is odd and weird, I don´t like it, do what I say and dont look at him´..... Many times I have followed others opinions about others and I have formed images of others based on others!! 
When I found Desteni I stopped and I said .-I will know him/her by myself, meet him/her, talk with him/her and I have observed in all the cases that the words they were using to define that being was not real, only based in the way the others define persons and images and information - but it´s not real.
Also once I asked " well, you have talked to them? NO , my other friend told me, so I have never talked to them....So???? LOL you are also being Guided by others instead of, like I said, -- Living them, walking them, touching them....

So, it´s different isn´t it??

Discover Yourself and Follow Your own path and also make a better  World for Everyone in Every breath and in every Step... Keep pushing until we have this World and all the People as Equals, with no opinions and words that can hurt and separate. But words based in What is Real to Assist and Honour Life!!!

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