martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Anti-Hate Campaign - Shows For What you Stand For

I have been walking Desteni Process since 3 years ago - exactly is going to be 3 years in September - and I have been observing the changes in myself. When I found the Desteni Channel in you-tube I 'heard' the message before saying anything and being guided by my egos and my thoughts around it, and then I registered on the forums, I had nothing to loose - except for my egos - and I immediately applied the tools and I saw for myself.

Through the years I have been observing people 'hating' the message, and commenting things that are not relevant and so programed and so guided by their perceptions and ideas, and not 'hearing' and being Humble to say 'well, I am going to hear and if I don´t like it ok, I will get out of here and that´s all.
Instead of that they claim to say that we are a cult and the people that watch and apply the tools are just manipulated by Desteni.

I have seen many haters videos and I have to say they don´t say anything mature and interesting.

The first point I have to say is that if you 'commit' yourself to 'give your life and time' to make videos about the things you don´t like/hate, you are not being Honest at all - I mean you are giving all that 'energy and attention' to something you are criticizing and saying is 'bad' and etc. I know since i don´t know when, but I know, LOL, that if you give your attention to something: bad or good, is for something inside you, and is not about the others - you have a saviour complex, or you have envy, or you don´t have other thing to do, and also YOU ARE  GIVING A GREAT PUBLICITY TO THE STUFF YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST.
And also you are perceiving others - the ones that are listening to Desteni Videos as 'stupid' and 'dumb, and also as 'people in possible danger' (so you are here to save the world Wohooo!!! )  to investigate for themselves - wanting to prevent them from the Danger -- this is a great Fear in yourself and is not about others - about Desteni, is all about YOU and ME. So you are perceiving others as less than you, less intelligent to observe the evil or the good etc....

If I would´ve seen one of these haters videos I would´ve have searched for the Group in question and investigate for, 1 or 2 people can hear the message and stay and if not YOU are the ones that are BEING MANIPULATED TO PERCEIVE AND SEE THE SAME THING AS THEY PERCEIVE AND THINK ETC.

IN DESTENI IS NOT SO,  you are applying the tools and the Information and seeing for yourself, EVERYTHING  IS IN THE TABLE- THERE- FOR YOU TO SEE, anyone is telling you - "you know, I feel this and perceive that, you have to do what I say...NOP!!!

The way we have design this World and this System is abusing Life and everybody can see that.

Another phrase that one of the Haters said was: “… I don’t wish to live in a world of non-suffering. I prefer a world that has suffering and pleasure and hatred and love and peace and war, life and death.” - 

So, you want to live in a world where Everyone is Suffering!! Instead of Living in a World where everyone can Live and enjoy and Be here without rules that are Separating Us.

Many people think that this place is a dream, or is a school, and all here are learning 'something' - something that you´ll forget when you die and when you live again you have to walk again....this is an endless story.....

With these words you are Showing For What you Stand for and is not What is Best For All. If you go in life trying to make war inside yourself and against others you are Hating Life, hating yourself, hating others - you are not trying to assist and help anyone - you are just spreading words as abuse.
Instead of Investigating with Self-Honesty and Common Sense what You can do to make the world a better Place for Everyone.

 I Stop hate, I stop abuse in me and in life, I stop accepting and allowing wars and death for humans and Animals .... We can all Live together here in this planet and enjoying everything that is here. 

I don´t need Suffering to Know I am alive, and to Be here and assist life and to Learn a Lesson....

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