lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

E - Coli Bacteria and Vegans

The E -coli  is a bacteria - an organism; a live organism - that lives mainly in Animal Intestines and also in sewage.

 Theodore von Escherich a German bacteriologist investigated this bacteria and says that these and others bacterias are necessary to the functionality of the by the Digestive Process.
And also this bacteria us used in Genetic Experiments.

" E -coli in its natural habitat lives in the intestines of most healthy mammals, is the lead agency facultative anaerobic for the  digestive system, and if it´s  'genetically manipulated' it can encode virulent factors. The bacteria acts as a commensal  forming part of the 'Intestinal Flora' assisting these way to the nutrient absorption".

Escherichia coli O157:H7

This strain appeared in 1982 and causes the death of many people in the USA due to contaminated hamburgers.

* 2011

This year appeared  another strain in Germany - many cases have been registered - like 2000 - and more than 19 deaths.  

Many says that that the strain started in a soybean exploited crop, but the Germans said that  this started in Spain. 
But due to the Manipulation of food in Germany cannot be discarded this strain being initiated in this country.

What is this telling us as Humanity? 

We all know that the Food Industry is Manipulated - all of these by Profit. We can observe the exploitation due to the privatization of Food. 
Many Industries have genetically  manipulated food to produce more money, saying that they care for the People and with this measures they can prevent famine and also other problems as Nature implications.

But we can see of course that all of this is just the facade to make Profit out of these.

According to the German bacteriologist that I mentioned above  -  Theodore von Escherich - this bacteria in its Natural habitat, in wealthy animals, and also humans, is an assistance for the Intestines and the Digestive Process, and if it´s genetically manipulated can be a disaster.

This is clear - Simple - Life is proving this again. We, humans, are always manipulating life, with the only reason that is generating Profit and also generating Energy to be possessed by it, beLIEving that due to this we can 'feel' we are Alive.

Life is GIVING us a great assistance, by showing us that everything we do to abuse life - redesigning it, manipulating it etc - is creating an abuse for us, for the Creators, for the ones that are only accepting and allowing these scenarios. 
Not for Assisting Life and the Planet Earth but just to get Money - to produce money for the few ones that are involved in this situation.

So, going to the point of What are the Vegans going to do to feed themselves now, if the natural resources are poisoned, mainly the vegetables?

Not only the vegetables and fruits only, but also the meat. They decided to eat vegetables and fruits to prevent Animal Abuse, these issue proves that this situation is not Changing anything at all. The Abuse is coming from the Animal Industry and the Agriculture, that is only following the Goal of generating a profit.

If we change the way we cultivate and the way we 'kill' animals to feed ourselves, we can prevent the Virus and Bacteria infestations.

If we change our goals and Principles to the ones that are Best For All and not to make Money - nature and all Life is going to Assist and not the machinery that we use to produce all the products we consume. These machinery makes the diseases, the death, the illnesses and the Abuse to life.

We can live in Simple-City!! - and have Everything for us and for All.

So, If you are a Vegan, What are You going to Do?

Stopping eating everything! or you are Going to Stand for All life - Investigating common sense solutions to Resolve this!

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