martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Selling Sex - Sex is So Profitable

All the World is selling Sex - We are Selling Sex - We Are Selling Ourselves for Sex.

Firstly in our daily Lives we Fuel this energy around us Since we 'design' ourselves to Go out into the System. Every Morning we prepare ourselves with the Products we see on the media that is made for 'making us profitable for the System.
And if you see the main 'energy' that is utilized to sell this product you´ll be amazed. We are very used to see all the images around us; and almost all the images around us are based on Sex.

All the Products being Sold uses Sex as a way to obtain more costumers; selling the image of getting free Sex; mostly for Men. Women can react upon these images and feel disgust. But we All women and Men can be attracted to the experiences, situations and images around publicity.

Man getting popular beyond Women because they use the product - an deodorant or a lotion for example - but, they don´t place themselves as popular only because they use that  - they get Free Sex and Easy way to get A Relationship. Bu the main point is Sex.
(  A durable Relationship is not longer 'popular' - is being programmed to get one night stand and that´s All).

These Products Use Sex as a hook to create in the possible client the perfect 'Energy' to attract them into the store to buy it with the unconscious feeling and idea that they will be more 'hot' to the ladies.
Also within this abuse is being sold - 'using' Women as the Secondary Product you will Get using the first Product.
Women as a Product also that Helps the first one to have more Clients and Selling the product.
In all advertisements we can see that Women is the thing you can get using this or that - making the Man the principal client of all products....

Even within the Publicity of women products - home, clothes, make-up - we see that the target is creating the best Relationship and finding the perfect match.

All the System is based in that Energy that is 'pushing us' to Reproduce ourselves feeded by something external - by an add, by an image, by a movie that is painting the best relationship, the best Energy match. The best Orgasm you can get watching the movie, acquiring the product, using it.
Just because they say So. Just because the Image says so.

We are creating and Designing - accepting and allowing these 'Energy' to program us - and we are establishing a world that is just seeking for the fulfillment of this feeling emotion - Energy - and yes, is Quest of Looking and Getting just that: An Orgasm. 

Having the Products that the Media is selling us to fill that hole in ourselves. Creating those products only to Give a Pre-designed product that is sex to get more profit - accepting abuse. Feeding the system with more rules and norms that are better to satisfy those desires and getting and living the situations showed in those images that are around Us.

So, everything is Designed, but is not what we Are - We are A Product made by Other Product and that´s All.

Do You want to Stop being a Product that is Being built and designed by other Product.

Do you want to Observe which Part is Real in You!

Do you want to Stop the energy to observe that what is Here is Life - Simple - is not something you can turn-on and turn-off.

Join Us at Desteni I Process and Discover someone that is not Designed by others, that are not walking directed by Energy - Sex - and is directing to Be Simplicity, Life, and not Pretending to be Something Created by a System for the System.

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