viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Parents worried by the Future of their Children - What to do?

I constantly hear - in the tv and also people near me - that they are worried by the future of their children....

With all the Insecurity and Violence out there. Many Children taking the easy way-outs to get Money, and parents 'praying' to avoid this situation for them - violence, drugs, crime, also laziness.... etc. 

I was watching the other day a program where 3 candidates for the Government here in Mexico in the nearest elections all the 'plans' that they were 'going to do' to establish a better future for the youngsters, for the children, for all of us.
The interviewer told them and asked them:

'A Child is seeing the struggle of his Father to get Money all his Life, and then he see a 'narco' and a 'drug dealer' having the newest car every year, the Money, the houses....How are you going to stop that? What Campaigns are you going to establish to Stop Children to take this path?'

( I am not going to tell you what they answered because is the same Pre-programed answer every politician say -- and Also all of Us as people Living in this Society...anything based in 'What is Best for All'.

What you are Doing as  A Parent to Avoid this situation and all others situations that are not establishing a better Future for Children - for the beings that are coming to Life every second in this world?

Nothing - We are doing Nothing. Cause we are bringing Children in this World/ System with no tools to have a Dignified Life, and neither Do What is Best For All in any case. We are teaching them with the same Program - the same things that we learned from our Ancestors.

If we go and take a Book of World´s History, you can observe that is the Same 'information' over and over again....the only thing is that is all scrambled, but is the same. People trying to survive for Money, to have Money. The System creating people that are just following the same program over and over again and is not honouring anyone.

As Parents we can do a lot to Change this System - to change this World - to establish a better Future for the Future of the World  = The Children.
Nowadays they are not the 'Future' of What is Best For All, but the 'Future of What is not Best For All' and in these Parents have Responsability and the Consequence is Out there---Children integrating the lines of the Army, learning how to use a gun. Children integrating the lines of Drug Cartels - selling Drugs to have More Money. Easy Money because within these groups you can earn Money very easily.....etc,

Parents are the Responsible to Give Children a new design to Live - A 'Design' created to Honour Life. 
Is not Responsability of the Teachers in school, is not from the Government... 
Children are with you since they are born until they go to School -- so, the Fist education is Given by You - mother and Father in the house.

Are you giving your Children the Best Education? 
You are formed to be a Parent?

Many Parents can say, -  the same education I am giving them is the same my parents gave me and I don´t know any other, they formed 'good' children and now I am doing the Same.

Is not Sufficient...cause we see many people accepting and allowing the same Abuse to Life and is not sufficient if you are 'Honest, Polite, and Good Person' - cause you are also Responsible for this system; accepting it the same way at it is over and over and not doing anything to observe that this System is Fucked and Saying 'Stop'.
Is not sufficient if you are teaching your Children to be 'Honest' if they are not Self-Honest to face what they are accepting and allowing as Abuse, to feed all the System that is base in Ego -in Self - Interest......

Stop Justifications.....

In an Equal Money System the Education will be given to Form Life to Honour it and not only to build a better System for the System and also having Tools to Open our Eyes and Stand as People with Principle to act based on Self-Honesty, Self-Responsability, Self-Commitment - Tools that are very different from the Information given in School.

You want to be a Hero to Your Children? Invest in the Best Education. 
Education Forming Leaders and Children Standing for Principles- Standing and not Accepting anything Less than Life.

With Re-educating Us as 'better Parents' we can eliminate abuse to Children. No more families having Children to Help them to get Money, No more over-population because we are not prepared to establish a Natality Control.
No more abuse within Us to be enslaved to a substance or to a person to 'feel better'

C'mon Stand Up and Give Children A Real Education.

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