domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Greece Bailout - What is happening?

Greece - What is Happening in Greece is another proof that people 'that have more' - the elite, the Monarchy, people in important charges, - are only considering themselves and 'using' people, the citizens to pay - like if they were kids, playing around with Money and the ones that are working the 'working class' are paying for all the lack of Responsability and Honesty in the ones that are 'at their Service'.

So, What is Happening in Greece? - Greece is in Bankrupt. Greece has been asking loans, they have a National debt of  350 billion of Euros - they had asked for loans to many countries like  France, and Germany. 

Greece is only maintained by loans and Tourism.

The People in higher charges -the people called bourgeois, the Imperialists, the Politicians, the elite, the bankers, the financial people - are 'washing their hands' to avoid taxes and the Citizens are the ones that are paying the 'broken dishes', the people  - the workers and the employees are paying the taxes - and those people blame the citizens for all that.

Another Country that is raising the taxes and not raising the salaries for the workers and employees - only considering their Monarchy 
Another Country that is Only considering Profit and abuse to have more, to be more, and not considering people that are forcing themselves to pay that debt- the debt that was spent in things that only was feeding the ego of the elite.
Another Country that will be guided by other World Potencies as Germany and France to move their economy because they can´t do that.

What we are accepting and allowing? - People that are deciding upon others, based on how many Money you have? and based in how more you want to have?
And abusing other lives because we fuck everything! - pointing fingers - and Washing our Hands!

These scenario is the same - this as a bigger scale, of course, - as the ones we have in our daily basis, asking for loans, and credits in the banks. These institutions are only considering their profit, but not our economic stability - we are also feeding this systems - the imperialism, consumerism, socialism - all the ISM. That is only established for the good of the Money, not for the people.

In the family  - if one of the members is suffering this Dishonesty within themselves - the others members will pay, you´ll have to get a job, you´ll have to reduce costs, etc - just to cover the others back.

Why we don´t consider everyone equally in all the scenarios and why we don´t re-educate ourselves to do the Math efficiently and establishing also a system where everyone is winning and not only the ones that are in a 'better position'. ...But in a 'Better position' because we have allowed that.

We are accepting all the 'movements' the government does to 'protect' their Money, their economy, their stabilty and not ours. This is shown everywhere - and 'us' as 'citizens' are allowing and accepting that!! 

Is time to 'destroy' this System and re-build another One - One that is based In Principles as:

Self-Honesty - where you move considering everyone and not only you.
Self-Commitment - to do whatever it takes to establish a better world
Self-Responsability - where you are not accepting and allowing middle roads to wash your hands when you make a 'mistake', and you can resolve it immediately as the same way you did the mistake....and much more. Investigate!!

This is Common Sense to Do What is Best For All.
Is time to change this System 
Is time to stand up for Life.
Is time----Is time.----In EVERY BREATH!!! - LET´S DO IT 

This Situations are falling - because this System is not based in Solid Rock - is based In egos - and lies - and these sooner or later fails!!! - Stop waiting and let´s expose this Now!!

Vote for An equal Money System and Re-educate Yourself!!

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