sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Justice by our own hand

In Cheran, Michoacan Mexico the citizens are making justice by their own hand because the Governor, neither the President, or other dependencies are assisting them to stop this Abuse from the loggers that are linked with the Organized Crime and they are threatening them.

This groups are illegally cutting trees - pines, specifically -  and the citizens of Cheran are not having any economic support from their lands.

The citizens are besieging the place to stop this abuse - extortion, kidnapping - from the loggers and from the Organized Crime. The Citizens are making groups that are blocking streets and also making guards in the night - not sleeping - to protect themselves from the crimes.

Since April 15 the Mexican Army is protecting the area, and monitoring the roads where the wood is being carried to other places - products that is generated by the illegal logging of the forests in Cheran.

So, again we see that  'groups' 'drug cartels' 'people' are more organized that the 'people that supposedly are here to protect us.  People as you and me that are doing these to eat - they are not the guilty ones - they are a representation of what we are allowing and accepting as a society - is like a consequence.
We as 'victims' - we are not - we are not different as them. We are doing the same, although in a less scale. but we are 'selling' others to have Money, to survive.

What would you do if you don´t have anything to eat? Steal from others and also the mind make us go the extremes - as we see the violence, the insecurity and the murders that are multiplying just to make a profit.

And taking the easy road - they decide to create and join this groups that are against everything due to obtain Money and Power - based on generating fear.
I ask also why they are 'more' organized that 'normal people? - well, because also people in higher charges in the politics are helping them to move the way they are moving - for Money.
We know that also the Violence in the world is valued in the stock market - and we are consuming a lot of products to 'protect' us from this - insurances for example. We are consuming products while protecting us, so these people, are obtaining Money. 
They don´t care about the security of the people, they are just considering Money, and they will do whatever it takes to have more.

So, what will change if we Stand up and consider the implementation of an Equal Money system and also re-educating us with Education that also is not considering producing only Money while we get our brains dry. 

We will as people that are build in Principles and with more Common Sense to consider others as Equals - re-design the Money to be a tool to assist Life, and to be given to everyone equally so anyone can 'abuse' and be dishonest and abusive to create a way to have more, not considering if they are killing, abusing, destroying life on it´s way.
Money as a tool that as no 'value', but the value to assist life - will be here and for everyone, by everyone. And this violent groups will end, because there will be no reason to 'do something' to get Money.

So, making Laws, and Reforms to stop this, is not making any solution as we can see - because we are easily bought by Money - we are not Self-Honest to Stand and observe and have another solution that is going to consider everyone equally.
Why? because we think first in ourselves, we don´t consider others in our actions and words - firstly we are sure that we as Individuals are safe and secure and with enough Money and then, the others that not has to stick to my rules to do it... so the Rules and Reforms are just based in one´s ideas and opinions, and not in common sense, and putting in the shoes of the other.

So, Stand up and Investigate the Equal Money System and you´ll see that Money has to be re-designed and not as many says 'disappeared'.

Join Us and Investigate

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