viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Bahrain Why Nobody Care?

Bahrain joins to the list of manifestations that has 'moved' two presidents in the region in their charges - Ben Ali in Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

The people rose up over approximately a month ago and has continued to demand the End of the Monarchy and The Beginning of a Republic based in Democracy. 

The people are separated in two groups the Sunnis and Muslin Shiites - the Monarchy is Sunni.

Bahrain is the Smallest County in the Persian Gulf, with around One Million of habitants, and for other world potencies this country is in a 'privileged position' - United States have a navy there to have an eye on the Iranian menace.

But why the USA is protecting that position ? Well, I read through the Internet and I found that Bahrain is one of the countries that supplies oil to many places in the world - so we can say USA is 'taking care' if that situation. And between Iran and Oman theres a canal that provides oil to other countries and the USA is 'guarding' the 33% of it.  ( !! )

USA have not provided any solutions - as in Egypt -  because it says that they have their own 'defense strategies'. As I read the Oil is another good reason to not 'interfere'.

Another problem there is that the  Shiites - they are the 70% of the people - don´t have  access to the many services, because the 'elite' - the Sunnis - have more opportunities than them.  This country is maintained by the Oil, and from there the monarchy are enriched.

Many activists and people have been murdered - just like happened in Egypt  - because they want to change these and be taken in consideration by the 'people that are 'living' at the cost of the Shiites. But in Egypt the Military forces were 'taking care of the civilians and according to the news here is different.

So, why Nobody care? - USA and the Monarchy  is just considering Money in all of this and not the people living there. Many murders and horrible situations are taking place. Again the people side by side protesting for a change, a change that the Ones who have Money don´t want to make
Why? - they are ok! They don´t have scarcity- they also have Money to 'get rid' of people that are in the way of obtaining More Money and also to 'buy' people to help them in these scenarios.
Also, being sure that any other 'potency' as Iran gets in their way.

This is Unacceptable, -  not considering Life - and allowing those scenarios just for profit!
Just looking for Money!

With an Equal Money the scenario must change - and the people that is observing this inequalities are going to make it - is crucial that we stop 'waiting' for others to do what we want to do. 

With an Equal Money system we will end with Monarchies - also we will re-design Money as a tool to assist others and not to produce more Human-zombies (lol), well, Robots, - that just are following Money forgetting others - beings - that are being Killed and dissapeared from the ways and paths of 'strategies' and 'negotiations' to get more Money, at the cost of the society, that are working to sustain those charges. 

Establishing an Equal Democracy that assist life in any way and to LIVE in a World that is free of - egos  - desires, wants, wishes to 'have more than another - and just Having a world - people - that is just wanting and desiring to take care of Life, to Honour Life!!!!

Let´s Stop this, please.
Join us! 


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