lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

A Curtain of Dust is Up

This weekend several things occurred....
First of all this 'Royal Wedding' - and all the news covering every second, every minute, every breath of this 'famous couple' - the media were infested with images, opinions, perceptions, etc. Then the day arrived and it was worse, all the people staying awake to watch this 'show' - two people getting married!

Then the Beatification of the Pope and again the same phenomenon took place - the media infested with perceptions, ideas, interviews....

And then USA closed this mediatic-show with the 'Assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Puffff!! The curtain of Dust is Up - and a  lot of Dust.

Inmediately All the news were Infested with this 'event' and the TV shows in that moment made a pause within their programmings to announce this.
And they are still - the TV - infested with again LOL - opinions, ideas, interviews, forecasts, etc.

We are so Mind-Fucked - we are still allowing this 'curtains of Dust Up' to cover all the situations  - the more 'important' ones - with events that are not 'relevant'. 
And we don´t discern, what is really happening within this....

I mean - In the Royal Wedding a Million or Trillions of Money was spent without considering the actual situation in the world -- or is it that in England the poverty doesn´t exist? C´mon!!! - All that Money, as in other countries comes from the taxes of all  of us - the 'common' people that doesn´t belongs to Royalty and to the Elite - and we are accepting and building this System as it is = Some People having MORE and the Mayority Not having Nothing At All!. This is allowed with our Participation and it´s unacceptable to follow this way and working for people that is 'living' a our expense while we are Surviving......
But we were there - at the wedding - buying T-shirts with the Name of William and Cathy - as a symbol of our Stupidity !! ( Why you are complaining then? )

Then, the Beatification  of this Pope - feeding the Religion System and also generating more Money through this - also the Vatican is supported by people charity and they are living better than kids and people in Africa, and in other parts of this World...We are Responsible for this!!!
Many programs 'moving'systems inside us - making us more brainwashed - and using us to enslaving us in Faith and within this system that is abusing and Separating us From Life.

It doesn´t matter at all what He did ¡¡The world is in the Same way with him or without Him!! So, who cares!.

Then, USA didn´t wanted to be at last in this 'events' and they said: 'Bin Laden is Dead'!! --
Soooo!!!!??? - It´s the same than with the Pope, It doesn´t matter if he is dead or not, this not changes Anything.
Everything is the Same.

These are just 4 people - but we are More and...We are still accepting the same systems and programs without considering Life and we are feeding Violence and Inequalities....and bullshit
So, it´s the Responsability of Everyone as Equals to eradicate this 'Lack of Money' and the 'Holocausts' that is taking place on Earth - it´s not something created by 2 or 3 people in this World...We are All establishing this Hell.

Do You Commit yourself to 'realize' what you are accepting and allowing within Yourself that is creating and feeding the Current reality within this World?

Do You Commit Yourself to Stop and  Re-Educate Yourself to End Inequalities within You?

Do You Commit Yourself to to Stand For All Life ? You want to Make a Difference?

Cool!! - Join Us

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