martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Babies Abandoned on the Streets in my Country

I was watching at my local news and the cases of babies abandoned on the street has been increasing - 2 cases were announced in today´s program!!

Is alarming that we are accepting this situation for a 'new life' that is coming to the Earth. The First Breaths of these beings are of abuse and abandonment!

I was observing at the animals - the animal kingdom and the nature - they consider the life they are bringing to this life and they don´t abandon them like we do - because of Money, fears and many other reasons that are only supporting the system and the mind.

Yes, the Money is a big issue, because due to this 'paper' we allow this things to happen, because we are surviving and we have to 'thing' in ourselves first....Consider having a system that is Equal for everyone - Money without struggles and without having to gaining it? Why? Money can be, have to be a Tool to assist life and not making competitions and raising humans within the System able to produce it and if not - ¡Bye! You are kicked!! No this can´t happen anymore

Let´s Change it??? C´com...let´s Stand

Many people can say that are many cases of raped women and that they don´t know many times how to do that - but we are all Responsible for that situation since the raper and the abuser is accepted and allowed within ourselves.

In an Equal Life these cases are not going to exist anymore - because we all are going to be re-educated to have Self-Responsability, and growing in common sense to make what is best for everyone in this Planet, In this Life.

Within the Solution of An Equal Money System many babies and families are going to  have the Support and Assistance to plan a Family and to again, support them taking in consideration the Physical Reality and not the Mind Consciousness Systems integrated within us.
And like I said above not having to do anything to gain Money, just by Being here, alive you have the Right to have the Assistance and all the tools to have a dignified life


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