martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

The Violence is increasing in my city

The Violence is increasing in my city. This 'problem' is expanding and expanding - now my city is the list of the places, within México that the insecurity is reigning.

I was watching at the local news yesterday and many shootings took place in the weekend. Also a friend was witness of a shooting near her house and she was very shocked.

Another new was an accident that a person had in a bullring  - he was attacked and he is in the hospital..they reported that incident and also the way the bulls react upon those situations....

ok, taking the first issue.

These situations - the shootings and battles between the Organized Crime and the Police Department - is something that can be stopped
The starting point of this is the Monetary System - everyone is trying to survive and they will do whatever it takes to have more Money, Power and Control.
The Police, the Politicians, The Presidents and the Crime Gangs have an interest within these and they are not going to stop - this interest is not the Security and the Wealth of the People, but of the Matrix/ The System

How these will change within and Equal Money System?

The Monetary System is not going to be a system that is settled to manipulate, harm and separate people. Is going to be one that is here to support life and everyone else.

So, as In Desteni we explain - the Starting Point is not going to be the 'survival' within this World and we are not going to have the choice to think in these possibilities.

So, no more 'gangs' --- for example the 'Good ones and the bad guys' that is protecting and harming others that are in their way, because the only way of life is going to be: Living here, Considering others as ourselves, working in solutions that are the best for everyone. 
Also the production of arms and destruction tools are going to disappear - there´s no one to be afraid of and nothing to protect.

There´s a lot of measures that we have to consider to establish a better world. Organizations that will be in charge, that are going to consider everyone in the same equation and not only their interests.

For example - the Army or the Police can be a group of people that will be there to protect - not from other people, but to Assist if something happens, for example an earthquake or a fire. etc. People that are trained to assist in the way. But not as it happens now - killing is killing and violence is violence - it doesn´t matter if is 'negative' or 'postive' --Is the same and this is not going to exist anymore.

There are many ways to work and in Desteni Equal Money are a lot of documents that is shared and discussed to join and work for this.

The Second report was about this Bull attack - these is also going to be something not existent in this world.
Because is not something that is considered as a way to improve. 
These 'Cultural Activity' is not an sport and people consider this as a Responsability of the Animal and not of the Human that is capturing the animal to abuse it in that way.

The Reporters did an interview to a person that is in charge of the Sport and Cultural department here in my Country - talking about this accident as something that can happen and taking the Animal abuse within these circumstances as something normal - not considering that the animal reacts like this because he see his life threatened and abused.

Why we don´t see that the Animals reacts according to what we are doing with them? Is not the problem within the Animal but is something that has to change within the Human Being.

Are we going to Accept Animal Abuse as something Normal and as Culture?

You want to Remain as that? or you want a better Place? For everyone.
Consider your Principles and Life-values because within that you show what you care and do about this!!

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