lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

No-'body' Else But Us is Here in the World Creating this.....

No-'body' Else But Us is Here in the World Creating this.....

Nobody Else but us is Living in this Planet named Earth creating and walking and talking and establishing all the abuse and the polarities we are participating on.

People still Believing that God is going to come in a certain date to correct all the danger and sadness people is living and that he is 'there' observing everything and everyone and deciding what to do - whatever that means - even if he does not act in the moment, God knows  when and how.....

In Common Sense; and this is something everyone can prove - if you don´t have the ability to do it is because you are still participating and accepting Mind altern realities within you.

Continuing---is something so clear as a Mathematical Equation.

I don´t see anyone but Human Beings - and I see this with my physical eyes - doing all the things we do - as dishonesties, as beating your wife after many years of marriage or before whatever you want...
If you are agains Animal abuse and Human abuse no one but you is participating in that and is not Responsability of Something in your mind to correct it but create it, we are accepting that.

People near me says that 'God works in Misterious ways' - this words is a phrase that we have accepted and allowed to justificate the nonexistence of this 'God' that we have created within our minds.
That´s why we create also that phrases, because we are so lost - and that is made by Us; here, by no-one else.

So, Everything that is Here within ourselves and withing reality is Accepted and allowed by Human Beings - us, we, me - and is not because God Created it - we are still creating it because we think is something he did because she know what to do and we - as something no greater as him - cannot change!!!

We can Change it; because We are Doing it! We are making it, We are Creating it in the Physical.

If you are writing something on a piece of paper - is you that is writing, is not God making it -- is you and You are alone in that task--and is Your Responsability to write something that Assist Life or something that can Destroy Life...You are the one 'Acting in Misterious Ways'....

Let´s Stop these Insanity and let´s take Responsability for OUR Creation and Let´s do Something to Assist Life and let´s forget about ' ghosts', about Phenomena just occurring in your Mind and not Here in the Physical.

I ask You

You´ll continue 'playing' in your Mind and Designing 'Identities' that are Not doing Anything or you are going to Stand as Someone Real to Start Creating and Establishing....LIFE and WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL!!!

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