viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Do you BeLIEve Faith is the Solution? Investigate!

Within these days - here in Mexico - I have been watching in the news some situations that are very surprising and shows how we are programmed to live without considering anyone and anything.

The Mexican television has made the theme of Angels, Saints and Gods very famous. We have 2 Mexican series that talks about the faith related to saints and the Virgin Mary. 
Programming and supporting the programming in Human Beings. Firslty we know is for Money and then to control the masses to control us to limit ourselves from standing and observing life as what it is! We are Alone creating all the abuse that is happening here! and not beings that are only energetically alive because we believe they are true.

Based on the daily-life situations where People faith shows what you can do to abuse and harm yourself and others.
These T.V series - yes - shows all the abuses; perceptions, ideas, behaviours human race has within all their situations with themselves and with other people; all the Problems we have within Society and they give the Message that the Faith is the Solution to all our problems within the World.

Within this last period of the year 2 youngsters has seen the T.V series and have found a real solution to their problems...

Due to watching one of the chapters where showed  that a Family  turned more connected and united after one of the children in the family suicide himself and then with the 'help' of the Virgin Mary this kid I mention survived to dead, so they took the decision of doing the same to wait for the Virgin Marie to save them from the death.
Of course in the Reality no-on is going to save you from your own decisions even a character that only exists within your Mind. 

Media is again supporting abuse and lack of Common Sense and no-one observes the consecuences of all the things we believe.

So... Do you think faith is the Solution? or the Solution is to Stand as Life in the Physical/ in the reality and correct all the abuses we are creating.

Our created mind-characters, beliefs and ideas are not here in the physical to abuse and harm others..we Are
We Are Real and we have the Responsability to Stand and Stop all those Beliefs and observe what we are Accepting and Allowing as Ourselves!

Stop!! Let´s Stand and Let´s Change this Reality

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