martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

World Equality for the World

Let´s bring About a New world living within the Principle of Equality - stopping Capitalism and leadership. Equal Money for all to bring about heaven on Earth and re-educating Ourselves to honour life.

The Current state of the world is showing us that the rules and regulations implemented are not considering all life equally and the only goal is reaching - only considering -  Money and Profit. 
The Capitalism is growing based in looking for the best equation to produce more money through creating abuse and destruction. Destruction is created to generate more Money.

Efficiency, Sustaintability and Preservation - or I can say that  = Self-Honesty, Stability, Equality, Life - are the Enemies of our Economic System. Those things, persons, etc that doesn´t feeds capitalism, imperialism all 'ISM´s' are put aside or destroyed because it doesn´t gives a profit and a gain.

Is time to stop that and re-educating ourselves to  consider all the people, things, life, the planet... to generate What is Best for all Only - having the Money as a tool to give assistance and real freedom - Real life - loking for generating More life Only 

Let´s Sart !! 

Enjoy and let´s start living the solutions 

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