martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

Today I saw on my facebook a publication talking about Mexican Organized crimes Cartels and comparing them to the ones existing in  Colombia.

MIAMI, USA (15/FEB/2011) .- The drug cartels in Mexico are seeking to operate freelyand represent a huge challenge for the government of that country, but it is a situation that can not be equated to that given in Colombia years ago, said Tuesday a senior American official.

"We do not believe that the situation in Mexico can be likened to that which existed inColombia years ago. The Mexican cartels have no desire to rule, not the governmentwant to replace but to operate freely, " said Matthew Rooney, an official of the Department of State charge of relations with Mexico, in a dialogue with media representatives in Miami

So, I saw written that people felt a 'relief' because México is not experiencing the same situation....
¿relief? - Because this is happening in other place or country in the world? 

Is the same situation here or there. But again our self-interest gets in the way of considering everyone equally and making a change

'This is not happening near me so I stop worrying about this and so I continue with my life.'

This is not a 'relief'. An actual 'relief' would be everyone caring, considering and standing for an Equal life and and equal money system, and not just remaining slaves within our minds - thinking, feeling a relief because crime is not happening to me. Crime is happening everywhere around us, and within us. We allow crime in ourselves since we allow this thought within ourselves, instead of stopping and questioning What can I do to stop that? and How I am creating that in my self and in others? 

We don´t 'want' to expand ourselves and observe the real scenarios and also not wanting to give anything to anyone because that will implies waking up and changing our commodity within our minds to expose our lie and to stand for something for real.

We are more interested in US as individuals but nos As Equals

Stop Yourself 

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