jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

yes, there are enough ways to cover our basic necessities

The other day I was watching the local news and they reported this situation around seeds in cities as Sinaloa,Sonora, Tamaulipas here in México. Due to the bad weather - cold weather - the crops have been affected and the farmers that are employed to get the seeds and sell them are affected too.
Many workers and land owners are affected and have been loosing their jobs - their lands and crops where they get money to survive.

They lost like 113 thousand hectares and due to this a lot  of Money.

Workers asked help to the Mexican government and they haven´t received the help asked, only they have received a partial help and they have 13 days to plant again 300 thousand of hectares.
The 75 % of the corn that is consumed by Mexican people  is planted in Sinaloa.

Nature is returning in some way what humans are allowing and accepting, and this are the consequences.

But the planet Earth is not staying without food - humans are because due to their rules and the implementation and the way we are participating within Money, but there are a lot of resources in this Planet to cover our basic necessities. The only thing we have to change is the Monetary system -capitalism - and re-educating us to be more honest and sharing without self-interest and needs to gain something.

'Imagine' having at this stage an equal money system running. 
First of all everyone has Money - everyone has the basic necessities covered and nothing to worry about. People will not buy and sell to survive and they will not need to look for the money to survive accepting crimes against life, selling life due to gain money.
Where those resources are coming from?

Well, taking this example, cultivating food. 
We stopped putting price in this seeds and expecting just the profit of them.So, the seeds are free for everyone - people that enjoy planting and harvesting are in charge of taking care of them. Taking care of the land and organizing with other people to make sure that the seeds that are ready to eat and that the seeds arrive to every house and to all the families - giving them equally and having in abundance of course, because any one is placing a price that someone cannot reach and by that price they put a value on that seed and if many people can´t buy it the price raise and is unreachable for all people, because the price is related to this hard job.
(those people working in this area which they enjoy and they will produce 'more' money but not because they need it - everyone that is not in a job will have in abundance - but the ones that enjoy working will have this extra payment, but for assisting life and they will be seen with gratitude and not with envy, for example)

With An equal money system the money will be enough to have abundance on resources because no one will need to privatize the 'seeds' ,the food and the Planet - and all the natural resources for their own good - planet earth  is huge and will give a lot of seeds to plant and feed all people if we consider equally within the earth and live for giving life, assistance to everyone and to ourselves....

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