miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

'No more Blood' - March as a Protest for the Violence in Mexico.

Today -in many states here in Mexico, also out of the Mexican Embassies in France and in New York to name some of the 25 cities that did this - took place caused by all the Violence that is happening here specifically.
Some days ago within this violent acts the son of a recognized poet - Javier Sicilia -  in Mexico was killed.
Many people felt impotence in relation to this - and caused by this situation where a known person were involved in this many people gathered to walk among the streets to ask to the Government, President,  etc  to stop all this Violence and that they are very 'Tired' of this situation.
Few days ago for example, 60 people were found killed inside this so-called ' Narcofosa' - that are holes in the soil used to deposit the bodies. In resume, the amount of deaths rise to 3, 500 people according to a periodistic program I was watching.

The People shouted  "No more blood" ,  this should stop  the collective claim that is heard throughout the Republic as a result of this "war" against drug trafficking.

The strategy must change.

The drug remains in the same corner selling the same price as always. The drugcontinues to reach our children, who still do not die. The drug is poisoning bothgringos and Mexicans. Something we are doing wrong.

Peace does not get shot. A shot can be achieved only in death.

I hope they kill us all listen. We do not want more blood, we are citizens, not cannibals.


The President and all the Governors are not able to solve this - they are doing Reforms and laws far from the reality, and this will not make any change - although many people are hoping that this march will cause and impact.

The 'strategy' is not this one.

One and every one of Us  have to stand and do a change within ourselves to end with this Violence - because c'mon we are allowing this kind of violence within ourselves - so it´s not going to stop until We Stop.

Although the President - if this were a fact - stops all this and the drug change of illegal to legal -for say something- we as Individuals are accepting and feeding that same bullshit. I mean, we go and fight against each other - greed, jealousy, lies - and also we accept critics and separation of others against each other. 
And also we are teaching our children to hate people that are different than them, and also to despite Animal and Nature lives.... We are Demons.
WE are The same as those who we called 'Narcos', 'Killers', 'bad people'......

We have to take common sense strategies  and also work to investigate more solutions - and not demanding others to correct this points, within this 'Re-Educating' ourselves to be more Honest and LIVE the Solutions - stopping this behaviours  in Us for instance. Stop believing that we are Not Responsible for all of this.

Also working together in establishing the Only 'strategy' that is considering All in Equality , and this is establishing and Equal Money System that is a solution that will end this crimes made due to the lack of Money and the struggles to get this Money.
That´s why people are considering this acts of Violence forming part of those 'groups' to feed their families and also to feed their desires based in Self-Interest.

The Government doesn´t support us with 'reforms' and 'laws' to create more Equal Jobs and Equal Opportunities to everyone and attached to that An Equal Education for All - all this because they want to ensure their own interests and are not considering 'the people' - all the people Equally. 
And this leads to those people in more need to get into this acts to get Money.

Simple - the way we are creating this Monetary System Is Creating Demons, and we are just acting like they 'like to do this because 'they are like that'.

The Governor of Morelos, Mexico said to the media that this 'fight' against this 'Crime - Groups' is going to take 7 or 8 years based in the experiences of other countries in this area -like the United States, France and others - he said that within this period this situation is going to cease.

Again I remark on the stupidity within them and Us - as 'common people' - to solve this situations. Allowing reforms and laws and also movements within the political parties and in the Congress that are not based in Common sense and in the Equation of 1+1=2.
They are just 'playing around' cause they don´t have a clue of what to do and GIVE to solve this.

'Mexico is in Service of the Power and not for the People that Want a Change' - this is the most remarkable law lived here within All.

Vote for an Equal Money System and let´s start Stopping this Out there and In Ourselves...Let´s Talk and Stand for All Life.

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