lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Woman drugged her child to fake Cancer

A woman in Michigan was processed to one year at prison for drugging her child - shaving her head and eyebrows and feeding him with food that gave him allergic reactions - to fake Cancer.
All of this to get Monetary Assistance - she received at least $7, 500 dollars and many other help from many institutions and churches.
She said that he had the pressure of not finding job. 
She was condemned to 1 year in the prison.


This shows that we are turning into Demons - abusing life to get Money. Abusing our own family... and well, not only people that are close to us, but all life just because we are accepting this Economic System. Using human and animal lives to obtain Money - different things, situations, etc based in Self-interest - to obtain power, .... even happiness at the expense of others - of ourselves.
In this case making your son -  to a kid - believe that he has Cancer just to obtain Money.

There is not justification to decide taking this decisions to have a monetary assistance.  There are honest ways to Stand and make a change instead of feeding this abuses - because you are equal and one with all this abuses and crimes to life accepting and allowing even thinking and considering this 'decisions'.

Do you have the Honesty TO stand and make a change?

We can establish a Monetary system that can assist and give birth to all lives - it just takes a breath to stand an start moving ourselves to change this stupidity in the world. 

C´mon aren´t you tired of repeating the same program over and over again? Stand and GIve yourself to change this world

Join us at DESTENI and start standing for an Equal Money System and stop abusing life to this extent.

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