miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Capitalism could have ended life on Mars, according to Hugo Chavez

'Hugo Chavez warns that capitalism can destroy planets, drying rivers, converting  forests  to deserts, and maybe this happens on Mars'

Hugo Chavez  during an speech during the 'World Water Day' said "I've always heard that it would be strange if there was a civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived, imperialism arrived and ended the planet

Chavez is resembling the Capitalism Abuse to cosmic proportions - but he is not lost in this resemblance, because we are accepting and allowing this kind of system that is abusing life to that extent - destroying our Planet and disappearing....

He said also:
"Beware! Here on Earth hundreds of years where there were large forests, there are now deserts. Where there were rivers now, there are deserts. "

We are giving a price to everything and we are 'fighting' against us to get the better price for the natural resources instead of sharing them equally without wanting a 'reward' for having a 'Right' that belongs to Us as inhabitants of this Planets....
Capitalism as a weapon to silently kill every life in this planet - using 'nature' as a way to obtain Money - making Humans the owners of everything, placing Us as more than Life 
How we can name us that way? Who gave Us the Right to trample the Earth and name us as 'gods'? - gods that are just playing a chess game and is not considering the damage we are doing to the ground while we play.

When I read this on the news I laughed to the words of Chavez - but as I said he is not lost. Because we Are Using Money as a weapon, instead of a tool - a gift - to assist life and the Earth.
But HUman are programmed to make damage, to compete over many to obtain what we want and we don´t stop and we go and walk and travel also to news planets to do the same than here: Destroy!

But we can Change ourselves - change that program within Us - re-educating ourselves to Assist Life and bring Solutions to prevent this disasters - like the ones that are polluting the water, or Giving a price to this resource and stopping allowing people to not have this necessity in their lives....How you will feel when we don´t have water to drink? - It´s not going to be Fun What are we waiting for?----Move ourselves to another Planet and start over again all the abuse - we will live maybe a little bit more but then we will destroy the same way we are doing now!!! 

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