miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Stop overpopulation - get a free vasectomy!!

The animal protection organization, PETA,  is now starting a campaign against human overpopulation.
If you want a free vasectomy send to PETA an essay explaining why you should be "neutralized" and if your reasons are more convincing ... you get the procedure for free!

'Peta' and many others organizations around the world that are protecting Animals from Human abuse are supporting 'sterilization methods' as a way to prevent and stop the Animal abuse - stopping owners to help them avoiding the birth of more animals - specially pets as Dogs and cats.
And with this stopping irresponsible people to then getting rid of them and throwing the puppies on the streets and also ending in hands of a person that wants to get profit from those babies. 

But Why only animals have to 'give' themselves to prevent such abuse to life? Humans can also give themselves to stop abuse also for Humans.

We don´t know how to live - considering other humans as equals - and the consequences are occurring out there. Why we are bringing more children to a place where we are not caring for each other?  A place that we are 'consuming' due to our acceptances and allowances all based in self-interest - getting more power, sex and Money!!.

Is well known that many children are here just because their parents have the belief that God knows how many children is sending to them ( and many other scenarios and situations that are allowing abuse due to the lack  of considering life as equal and one, Honestly and Responsably ) - so is a Gift from heaven and we cannot decide....We can decide!!! 

We can Decide having Education to observe and consider our natality control and that we are not Standing as 'fathers' as mother´s' as protectors of this Earth---we claim we do everything for our Children! and many says that they are Good Parents, but we Are not, we are not caring for others, we Don´t love anyone.

This can be a solution  - not just for animals - but for ourselves to until we know how to Live and be Responsible and Honest with ourselves and with others as Life

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