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The 'Ninis' - Recluting Them in the Army to 'save' them from the Crime

The 'Ninis' or 'cholos' --- this is a term used in México for the youngsters that are not studying neither working - and that are 'easy prey' for the delinquency and to be recluted by the Organized Crime here in Mexico.

These groups of youngsters are in other parts of the world too - for example in Spain the 'Youth Institute' according to their research on this situation says that 600, 000 youngsters are in this circumstances.
In Argentina the 20% of them between he ages of 14 to 24 are in this 'club' and they declare 'they don´t want to do anything'. According to the ONU 18% in Uruguay is not studying neither working, in Brasil is similar with 19%. And in Europe the number increase.

In México we occupy the first numbers in violence, corruption, drug trafficking, child obesity and people with Diabetes. 
And the cases of unemployment and the lack of educative opportunities and effectiveness is increasing. 

The lack of Responsability of the parents and the necessities of ´bringing' Money to their homes, and the 'opportunities' of forming part of the Organized Crime groups is possible due to this.

Chihuahua's Governor is proposing a solution, that is recluting the youngsters that are not working and studying to the Army for a period of 3 years - this solution will prevent the young people in Mexico to think about forming part of delinquency and part of the 'Organized Crime', he says.

This solution is another 'temporal band-aid' , and this shows again that we are not questioning - What is the origin of this situations? Making people to find in the Delinquency and Crime a solution to get more Money.
And why the Education System is not being an effective 'right' for everyone Equally? and Why this system is not being effective for Everyone?

Observing all this situations with Common Sense we can see that the way we use the Money - the way we have created the Actual Economic ( eco-NO-ME) system is separating us slowly but surely - without stopping and considering that Money has to be a tool to assist life equally.

Having an Equal Money System will end with all this crimes and abuse and people wanting to find other solutions to get Money - and also without that fear of loosing Money or wasting our lives to go out to survive we will assist life -  having 'time' to have Responsability for Ourselves and working All together to have a dignified life - An Equal Life.

Blaming this youngsters and people that are in involved in Crime is not the solution - separating them from the system and making laws to punish them, is not going to stop all this abuse - is going to create more and more.
We all are Responsible for all this crimes accepting the system the way it is - this people, all of us don´t has another 'exit' to their struggles than taking in consideration violently taking Money from others to eat, and sustain - to survive.
Taking them and forcing them to be 3 years in the Army is not giving them the tools to stop all this abuse and inequalities out here - you are wanting to fight against violence with violence, abuse against abuse -is not the way.

The Solution has to be an Honest an a Responsible one - one that assist us to observe that we are all creating this world as it is because we are accepting and allowing this to continue.

Vote for An Equal Money System and stop this for Real - stopping the formulation of more temporal and ineffective band-aids - laws ans regulations - to stop all this people to commit this crimes. 

Wake up and Get real! 

Fuente: http://sdpnoticias.com/nota/25246/Quiere_gobernador_de_Chihuahua_obligar_a_ninis_a_ingresar_al_ejercito

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