lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

March 21 - 'Day Against Racial Discrimination'

In Mexico  we celebrate the birthday of Benito Juarez - one of México´s President - who constituted México´s Constitution of 1857. For his defense of 'Human Liberties' - defensed that served as an example to other Latin-American countries - was named  'Hero of the Americas'.
Benito Juarez said in a famous speech: ' The Respect to the right of others is Peace' and Let´s give effective protection of the Laws  and authorities for rights of all the inhabitants of the Republic, that the people and the governments respects the Rights of All.

And also we celebrate the Day Against Racial Discrimination and the CONAPRED is an organization here in México that protects the Rights of People against this kind of discrimination - specially the people with ethnic origins that are commonly seen as housekeepers and lower class workers and many people are abused due to their appearance - as in many countries the black people are abused caused of this - others are sex, age, disabilities, social and economic conditions, health, pregnancy, language, religions, opinions, sexual preferences - these are a motive of discrimination, exclusion and the restriction of Human Rights.

We still see this kind of separation around the world and we are still allowing and accepting them - directly and indirectly.

Many people use violence to defend themselves from people that are abusing and making a difference caused by the different situations named above and we are within this actions  of violence - defending ourselves and standing this way to somehow make a difference - we are feeding the same Racism - as a reflection - and is not going to stop and we are within this actions in the same position and 'equal' to the abuser.
Instead of standing and changing with another kind of 'revolution' - for example going to this organizations to ask for information and help and also informing us how we are not stopping this abuses within us and within others, since we accept 'Racism' in ourselves since simple acts like being dishonest with ourselves not accepting us as equals and when we share with other people we do the same differences and also separations.

Joins us at Desteni and change this - also inform yourself to Vote for an Equal Money system.

But following we as Equals can make a change within this world without the necessities of Dictators and Presidents that are searching for his own welfare and of course, Money without considering for real the Human Rights.

Benito Juarez and many presidents, activists are 'working' to stop this abuses but they are not considering the initial point within this - and all of us have to walk and stand 'raise our voice' to stop this madness and not only in the governments but within ourselves.

We as Individuals - living our daily life - not doing and working together to stop this kind of separations  . We are living our lives waiting for others to Protect us and to bring up solutions that Considers Everyone in Equality - we can do a lot if we inform us as many in Desteni are doing - mastering ourselves to change and bring up changes and expose all the abuse that is existent out there and the one we are not solving as Equals, as Individuals, as society as a group of People - all together

We don´t need others to 'Protect' and 'veil' our Rights - each one of us have to walk by that Principles and Rights and not guide ourselves depending on rules and regulations that are based in stupidity and are just veiling for their own interest - not the interests of All as Life - and the ones that are protecting themselves to cause more abuse.

This kind of separation also creates a lot of Money - when we allow fines to in someway stop the inequalities and the lack of understanding with the society.
I am going to 'escape' a bit from the main topic, but the other day I was hearing in the news about the traffic laws here in My country and the people that are in the power was preferring charging a fine to the car owners instead of re-educating society to drive efficiently - saying that this Money serves for the people that are injured and killed in the roads....WTF!!!??? -  ( this will be another topic here for further exposure )

With this - is an example - that we prefer having abuse out there because is creating a profit instead of using Money to create education in several areas and stop this separation and abuse - don´t you see Stupidity in these? I see it and I am fed up I stand I want to stop this within myself.

We are going to follow with the same shit until we don´t wake up from our middle roads and Voice ourselves

Do something - The tools are Here 

Be Part of the Solution and Not of the Problem

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