viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Mediocre Solutions - Temporal band Aids

Due to the Documentary 'Presumed Guilty' here in México the 'Board of Public Safety' approved the proposal of the government to prepare and initiative to videotape criminal trials.

 This proposal of course is a solution that is not assisting anyone, and is not a definitive solution that will end this inequalities and corruption inside the Judicial System here in México - and not only in this dependencies but in all the entire system that we are accepting and allowing.
A proposal based in common sense and in considering all people in México - and in all the world - is of course re-educating people to be have more education since their childhood based in Honesty and in Responsability within themselves and within others, and of course making Money as a tool to assist life and eliminating the rules and regulations that are based in convenient norms that 'cover' the real nature of the ones that are still creating them. 'Inventing' more laws only to gain profit - to feed more stupidity  - and to complicate everything.

In other hand in my point of view this proposal along with re-educating them to do their jobs efficiently can help as an assistance, instead of just covering one area. But this proposal can be also corrupted as many situations within ourselves - and as I say this proposal will not stop anything.

....a lot of Money will be used to allow this proposal instead of using this Money for many areas here in México - in education - not just for an specific area but for everyone.....

But we don´t take in consideration the 'core' of this situations, the origins...
Re-structuring the system since the foundations and observing that the inequalities within the Money system is making people having to consider 'corruption' and 'violence' as a way to obtain Money.

Again with and Equal Money system all this system is going to change till all this places and laws and norms, will be changed and stopped. 
Eliminating the Judicial System, the Politics, the governments  ...etc.

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