lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Selling A kidney to solve Money problems.

 I was watching in the news today that a man was going to sell his kidney to pay a debt she had. He also did an ad to promote this.

People are 'thinking' in this abusive 'ideas' to get a solution due to our economic system. Finding this abusive solutions instead of going to the core of the origin.

Of course this is 'illegal' and we are still accepting and promoting this abusive acts - like organ and human trafficking for Money.

We are putting a value and a price to a part of ourselves - to ourselves - and with this acts we are supporting all the system the way it is.

We all are selling for Money, accepting slavery and profit in every area of the world - within ourselves and within others.

With an Equal Money system - this solutions based in abuse and mediocrity - will stop.
The Money will not be a point of Separation and Abuse.

But in the meantime while we finally have this equal system running is our 'duty' to move ourselves and change this attrocities - because of you are allowing CONspiracy and 'organ trafficking' within ourselves we arrived to the point of not having any common sense and consideration for life, for own life - and this has to stop.

Re-educating ourselves to be out of our minds and considering the consequences of all our actions.

Taking the example of this man - he had family problems - so I can assure that their family was pressuring him to expend more money - the money he didn´t had to fulfill all the demands and desires his and of his family - so in this a total abuse within himself to direct himself and getting real in observing this money-limitations.
So, considering himself and others and stop participating in the source of this problem stopping before this problem getting worse - as now we can observe.
And then within this making a change and not feeding the source of your own demise.

So taking Self-direction and Self-Responsability - having common sense - in observing and analyzing our reality - for example not being able to afford the kind of living that most of the times we dream of  - taking our feets on the ground and within this - assisting you - assisting others in stopping this in you and of course, at the same time in others.

Cause People are complaining that the economy is not 'functional', but they are feeding this 'un-functionalities'.

so let´s Stop and Stand for an Equal Money system and in the meantime stopping all the abuse in ourselves.

Starting From Us! 

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