viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Zeitgeist -- Another Religion?

"Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" lucidly detects the decaying modus operandi of the current socioeconomic system and raises an interesting project to change this,which, shows a dangerous tendency to attribute 'qualities' to human science.

I was reading this article in the web about Zeitgeist and the other day I watched the Movie and all the videos shared by 'Destonians' around this project and I wanted to share aswell cause I perceived myself as not able to ---But I stop and here I share this perspective...

This 'project' instead of helping and changing the system is just another 'utopic' dream but is not taking consideration what is the real problem.
Of course this proyect is based in 'dreams' and 'designs' out of this world - separated from reality and is not and will not provide any solutions Here.

When I watched this Movie 'Zeitgest Moving Forward' I remember a recent
 Disney Movie about a robot - and the image that pop-up in my mind was the image of humans being directed by this mechanical - chairs - leading humans to the job, to the shop, to the school - and all the humans there where really, really Fat!.

But getting more serious - yes, this movie shows facts that we are experiencing in this moments - capitalism and the economic scenarios - and that the only thing that is searched is profit and power through Money.
And then, they present the 'ultimate solution' to this chaos.....

Well, they present that the solution for knowing and living the truth is SCIENCE, and in the second part of the documentary we see and 'ode' to science and the power of 'knowledge' - it´s effectiveness and the only method to build the best system. 

So they are 'imposing' a new 'dogma' here -  a new Religion isnt´t it? 
So, this is another form of controlling people, just - as many ideas presented here as solutions - moving a definition and putting another 'name' to it.

Another point is using technology to 'assist' us - I can observe that as having robots to do and complete all our Responsibilities  - and also - Who is Going to Decide who can have access to this 'technology'? 
They are going to share this Equally? Eliminating Levels and separating people in levels? 

Because they share in the movie that 'special' people - scientists and ingeniers - are going to be in charge of this - so, If they are going to eliminate Money - Who are going to decide what has to be shared to the world? 
Here they are 'selecting' people - more intelligent ones , that can turn in to Self-interest and feel like 'gods' - so here in this 'idea' I don´t see Equality - so, Is the same bases we are living now...

Also I don´t see any contact with nature - close contact - the machines are going to be in contact for us - building houses in one day as they share in this proyect.
So the same 'foundations'-separation and remaining as HUmans that wants to be ' the owner of everything' placing themselves as 'better than' in a Higher place.

With an Equal Money system the solution is different!!
There´s Money - equally  distributed to every people in this Planet - so, everyone having the basic necessities for sure and all the people being Equal with the same opportunities to assist and support the Planet.

Having a Practical Living - moving ourselves, enjoying every job we do - building houses, gardening, taking care of Nature - being in Contact One and Equal to all forms of Life Here. --- that´s Enjoyable and that´s Changing Foundations taking into consideration what is Here, The Reality and not going to our mind - bubbles and re-designing life - colouring a little bit here and there to show a different 'image' but in the background is all the same---Manipulation.

Re-educating Us to be more Honest, to be more committed with everyone as ourselves HERE, since Us, since every act we do  In this moment  and not in 10 or 20 years - Here - starting in this Breath/ in this moment.

Analyzing and Investigating the foundations of this system we want to change and 'getting out' those roots and changing them with another ones - Another Principles based in Equality and Oneness.

Investigate and Start Living the 'utopia' that is not an 'idea' Is a Reality that many people Here are living -and not waiting for other to do it.

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