martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Planned Parenthood - Re -educating Ourselves to bring forth an Equal Life * EMS *

I was watching the news few moments ago and I watched a note from a  family that has 10 members - mother and father included - and all the problems that hey have to get money and to have a dignified life.

Although there´s not money to cover all the basic necessities, families like this follow with this 'belief' that they have to accept all the children that 'God is sending them'.
A lot of families are still following this abusive law - divine law - I have heard that words in a lot of people in the world they call this a 'Divine law' they have to accomplish. 
And also they believe that is a Gift - justifying this abuse against life.

Yes, 'poor people' doesn´t have this 'education' to take care of life - to measure the consequences - but they also 'use' this 'gift' as a tool to have more money - is well known that families only have children to use them as 'Money providers' - the more children the best - because they will go an work and get Money to survive - and this children are  'launched' to the streets in their early ages - 3, 4 and less - to use 'compassion and poverty' as a way to gain Money.

A total re-education is needed also before having an Equal Money System as we in Desteni are sharing and showing with common sense - cause even if we have an EMS this 'human nature' can again raise above honesty and equality  - but that´s another point.

The point here is establishing again and sharing more information related to this situation and implementing more 'Parenthood Plans' for animals and humans of course.

Observing that the system already is not honoring life and above that is not providing the basic necessities to all the people - in this case to family  members - then why not working with what is here and not bringing more children to live all the same abuse that we as Parents, as people living as a Society is not working to make a difference

Also eliminating excuses like - the idea/belief that we have to accept the children that God is sending us, an so, 'living this cross' as people perceive this situation is, also as a proof or a test from God. And in the worst scenarios having children to fulfill that income necessities, not having children to care of them, but as a tool of gaining more money for the family - this is also like prostitution = selling for Money.

Another belief is stopping the feeling that is wonderful having children to complete this 'dream' of having children with the one you love - this is not love - this is stupid and is not common sense, is Dishonest and abusive -  cause you´re only considering yourself in completing that desire in your mind and not considering reality and the one´s that are coming - Self-interest - 'your are bringing more problems instead of a solution.'

Re-education to plan having children considering what is HERE and not what´s in our Minds. Taking in consideration - again - what´s here and the life that is coming. Cause also that life that is coming will commit the same sins as the fathers, so 'NO solution' cause we are not still educated to bring life to Earth and to honour it.

So, An Equal money System is the solution to people that are standing an considering All life as One and Equal to stop all this Abuse.

Re-Educate yourself in the Desteni I process and bring this solution Here.

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  1. Cool Jessica, thanks. Here in Europe people have kids to make their life 'complete' - for what purpose do we have in life if not for children to fill this hole in ourselves?
    An Equal Money System will take care of that also, eventually :)